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I am now offering private lessons! 

Do you need help with audition prep, monologues, or college admissions?


Or do you want help with interview skills, public speaking, and presentations?


I have taught courses in acting, directing, script analysis, and stage management and can guide you in all of those endeavors!

My skill are available as a group workshop or via individual lessons!

And can be done entirely over online conferencing software!

And ask me about my coaching bundles!

Send me a message below if you're looking for acting training as a performer or as a life skill and we can set up a free consultation!



From Former Students:


"Some goals I had when signing up for this class were to improve my confidence and acting skills in everyday life. After this semester, I have been successful in improving my confidence and acting skills! Working with different partners this semester over Zoom has helped me a lot with my confidence. I mentioned previously I had two interviews this semester and I used [your instruction] before each interview. This helped me a lot and eased my nerves before the interviews."  -- Spring '21, Zoom class

"This class in particular was extremely beneficial. It opened my eyes in dealing with the fears that I have at times in public speaking. I felt more comfortable as the semester continued and got used to rehearsals, memorization, gestures, emotions, creativity, and public speaking. The goals I wanted to achieve at the start of the semester dealt with working on my public speaking and learning how to handle different situations as acting can be essential to your everyday lives. I achieved both of these goals while still becoming a better actor. The fear of public speaking was the hardest challenge to overcome, but I genuinely believed that this class helped kill my fear of public speaking. It gave me a real confidence booster as a person. I feel better as a person from this class. I am happy that I took this course and will recommend it to people to take. Thank you for a great year!."  -- Spring '21, Zoom class


" While becoming one with a character in a play is a crucial element, I never understood the importance of body language and breathing, which allude a sense of confidence to the audience. Those breathing practices and proper body language go much further than the stage. I can take those aspects and apply them to the business world to ensure I speak with a confident statue during my conferences with different heads of companies when pitching them new ideas. this whole course has been a memorable experience, in a good way, of course, and I would definitely retake this class if I was in the same position."  -- Spring '21, Zoom class


Corey Hennessey

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