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WHITE WING DOVE is a community-base project aimed at connecting artists and audiences together through common interests! Our first project, recreating Stevie Nicks's 1981 Bella Donna Tour, manifested in June 2019 with a singular sold-out performance. Excitement grew around the project and another date was added in November 2019, with a new show upcoming in April 2020. Using Nicks's tour setlist and recording as a blueprint, we craft a seamless concert together, all while coordinating a shifting ensemble of artists (every song is different combination) and adding in dancers, visual media, hosts, and other enhancements, all at the cost of a mostly accessible ticket price and providing a stipend to the artists involved in the show!

Videos from November 2019 at Metro Gallery:

Images from November 2019 at Metro Gallery:

Images from June 2019 at The Crown:

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